slip cases for HP 35S


I see the HP 35S comes now with slip cases (it's like the case for the hp 30b but bigger). My hp 35S came with a clam zipper case, which I think is too bulky. Is there a place where I can order a slip case for the HP 35S? I can't find them in ebay.

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CalcPro tends to sell individual calculator cases, but I don't see any for the 35s right now. Dropping them a note with a request might be a smart way to go.



My experience is the same.

Slip Case for HP.33 series fits perfectly.


John Stark


I second this. When I had a 35s, I used a 33s slipcase and it was a terrific solution.

You can get a used 33s for pretty cheap, and then sell the calculator/manual to help alleviate the cost.


An eB** seller named teketron357 sells the cases by themselves. I bought one for about 10 U$D, I think. They also work with Pioneers.

He calls them "leather", but they may be leatherette. In any case (pun not intended), they are very nice, a quality feel. They certainly look like leather, but don't smell like leather.

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