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Dear hp group,

I had a good friend of mine who recently passed away. He had an extensive collection of hp calculators and items that he has left to my discretion. I plan to keep some of the more conventional items for my own use, yet I do notice there are some duplicates and some older models that are more collector's items and not really useful to me in my engineering applications. What is the best way to receive a fair price or trade for items? Can that be accomplished here or at some auction site like ubid or ebay?



eBay is going to be your best bet. I have been cleaning out alot of my HP calcs and add-ons, and it has been well worth it. Even after splitting the fees and profits with a friend that does all of the posting, collecting money, and mailing work, I have come away with a tidy little sum. You will get more if you have manuals and original boxes. Watch eBay for about a week or two and jot down the starting and ending prices and use those as a basis for what you could be receiving as profit. Always remember that it is not going to always work out the first time up and depending on how much you will be putting up at one time and the time it is bid on, (7 days seems to work out best), it will take about 20 to 30 days for things to really get rolling.


I agree with Richard, the prices on e.bay should get you the market-price version of your posting with minimal efforts, especially if you don't have much info on the older items. In addition to homework on e.bay prices, I would also check the hp site collector's corner to set some minimums (in the bidding process). The members here may also be of some assistance as to the worth of some less available units on auction sites (the hp site values generally reflect these valuations also).

Do you have any 41 series calculators?



One other consideration. Do you have a good ebay record?

I don't bid very high on someone with less than a 5 feedback record. You might only offer 3-5 items to start with and then get a feedback history before you just dump all your stuff on ebay. Just a hint to get your top dollar. However, that will take 2-3 weeks to establish, since time between your auction and feedback will be about that.


Thanks everyone,

I'll try to figure out some details here soon. If we decide to list them on ebay, I'll notify you here, too. Also, thanks to all the offers, I'll try to get back to everyone as far as offers or trades.

What is the best alternative for any models that seem new yet are obviously older calculators? What are the differences (if any) with the c, cv, and cx designations on a hp41 (and should they actually go for the price differences I see on ebay)?

Does anyone have any more suggestions?

Thanks again,


> What is the best alternative for any models that seem new
> yet are obviously older calculators?

I think the alternatives are the same, whether they seem new or not. Sell them to the highest bidders here, or on EBay, clearly noting its condition and providing good digital images. Bidders here will bid higher for mint condition equipment (as will EBay bidders).

>What are the differences (if any) with the c, cv, and cx
>designations on a hp41 (and should they actually go for
>the price differences I see on ebay)?

Answer is right here:

"Differences between the C, CV, CX and Option 001
The HP-41CV was the same as the HP-41C except that it had four memory modules built in for a total of 319 registers. (With the four ports still available to add other modules.) The HP-41CX was the same as the HP-41CV but added the Time module (stopwatch plus clock with alarms), an Extended Functions / Extended Memory module, a text editor, and some additional functions. The Option 001 version of the HP-41C had no labels on the upper rows of keys or on the surrounding keypad. This version was meant to be heavily customized by the buyer. "

Since these are for the most part being purchased as "collectibles," the more rare versions will fetch a higher price.

Lots of useful information on this page:


Gus, hang around this forum a while longer, and you may not want to part with ANY of those precious beasts! You can look up the features/prices of most of the older HP calcs right on the hpmuseum.org website. So keep those babies around a while longer, if they don't grow on you and get you addicted, then sell 'em on eBay!

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