Bezels and logos for Voyagers?


In looking through the archives of this forum I came across a message from Feb, 2000, about a place to buy logos and bezels for HP15C and HP16C. Here is the post itself. I just wanted to know if anyone knows if they are still available. I'd hate to call this guy if he sold out two years ago and doesn't want to be bothered. Just wondering if anyone here knows anything current about it...

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Posted by Ron Ross on 25 Feb 2000, 11:31 a.m., in response to Restoring Voyager Metal Bezel, posted by Hugo on 24 Feb 2000, 8:22 p.m.

Don't bother, order a new one. $4 plus postage. call 949-582-2631 and ask for Jim. He has these button logo's for the HP16, hp15 and the hp 12 plus all sorts of other great stuff, most of it cheap.




This is Jim Carter
Interfab Corporation - HP liquidation
27959 Cabot Road, #J
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
Phone (949) 582-2631
Fax 582-1445
Email -

I emailed him february 2001 and got an answer, perhaps someone in this forum can tell you more about.


he dosn't seem to be too interested in selling his leftover hp stuff anymore. he probably dosn't have much left anyway and seeing people turn around and sell what he sold at a bargin price as a favor to someone - going on ebay for three or four times his price may have soured him on our "community". anyway; your mileage may vary.

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