non hp RPN


I've added three more calculators to the alternate universe RPN museum.

National Semiconductor Scientist RPN

hp 94 RPN

Norman RPN

These are the calculators that Dave would have, in the continuum where Spock has a beard, Kirk is indecisive and Hoshi is Empress.


I have the NOVUS Scientist, and the front looks identical to your NS Scientist, except for the label at the top above the display. My label on the back says NOVUS 4520; what does yours say?

Also, what kind of display does the Norman have, VFD? I have a Microcifra 10, courtesy of Juan Denim.

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IIRC, Norman 700 and Norman 701 had a .3 red 7-segment LED display


Finding the hp94 in this collection might only have occurred in
City on the Edge of Forever. Where the hp94 line of hand held devices was wildly successful, Apple was defeated and Hewlett Packard became the biggest name in pocket computing. Heil HP!

So, db, how do you explain this seemly contradictory RPN entry? Have you been messing around with your time machine again?


While adding wonderful pictures to the alternate universe...

db, you missed the boxed OMRON 12SR and its power supply.



Michael; My Nat Semi Scientist has no back label affixed but is in all ways the same as it's Novus and Hiradastechnika siblings. The Norman has an 8 digit, 7 segment LED with a negative sign on the left, pretty standard for Novus clones. BTW: What would we know about all those Argentine RPNs without Juan? Our display cases would certainly be less crowded if he collected them, instead of using hp programmables.

Katie; I may have inadvertently involved you in a paradox. Please look closely at any photos you have of your grandmother at your present age and get back to me.

Joerg; The Omron i got from you years ago still works great, I didn't want to get into a bidding war (i know you wouldn't have minded) on the wall wart. Anyway, 32 gollies total - must be some sort of record for a non-hp power supply. You couldn't have gotten that high a price for a non-RPN ac adapter. Score another win for postfix notation.

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Yes, we all are forever indebted to Juan Demin for his generosity. I really enjoy playing with the Microcifra 10, which is built like a brick "outhouse", and twice as massive as its NS/NOVUS counterparts. It truly rivals any HP Classic for its ruggedness.

As to the recent auction for the AC adapter, I think it also works with the non-RPN Omron Financial that was also being auctioned, so technically it is not an RPN power supply ;>). I didn't see how much it sold for, however, the OMRON 12SR sold for $237, which if memory serves is about what the identical GE one went for some time ago. For sure the word "RPN" adds many C-notes to the value of a vintage calculator.

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I remember those microcifra... but did you know about the CZCERWENY RPN models ?.. I'm not sure if they are the same. I ever saw 2 models (when I was still in Argentina) one with programming capabilities and one without. They dated from the early 80s or end of 70s if I'm not mistaken.


The 12F didn't sell - I have to spent a few bucks for a battery cover first ;-))

Maybe I buy from db some nice [ENTER] keys and upgrade or Photoshop the 12F to a 12SR ;-))



You guys are definitely cheaper than a shrink… whenever I need to fuel my ego…!!! jaja
But please Michael, my last name is not like jeans…


Perdoname Juan, lo corregí.

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