LIF file viewer for windows ?


Does one exist ?, if so, can someone point me towards it.



What do you mean with a Lif File viewer?

View a single lif file, depending on the file type?
Is the file on a Lif-Disk?


Hi Raymund,

I mean an image file of a 9114 disk. Is there any such tool ?



Hi John,

a long time ago, I started such a thing.. I'll look in the deep
archives and let you know. I am afraid it is still in Win-ME
times. The version worked did NOT work on a disk, just on an image file of it.

What functionality do you expect? An image file editor at hex
level, directory functionality, file viewing functionality,
directory entry editing ... :)

Please give me a month or so.




Hi Raymund,

That sound like what I am after, something to view the image. I don't actually have the disk.

I am wanting to view the contents of the 9114 disk image written by the PILBox. So viewer would be great.



Look here:

The HPDir Project

I use this tool to transfer data between PC and HP-85 using floppy disks. It should also work for 9114 disks.

BTW, is an amazing site if you are interested in the HP 98xx workstations!

Hope it helps,


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