HP 41 alpha key


My hp 41cv alpha key has worn to the point where it is very 'spongy' and takes extreme effort to input any alpha commands. Question, Is this switch repairable, or is it possible to dance around it (ie. assign another key etc.) Any info would be greatly appreciated. (Don't want to go back to my 48g)


Although my 41 is not in working order to ckeck for this, if my memory helps you may try assigning AON (alpha on) and AOFF (alpha off) functions to some keys. You will need to use the alpha key at least four times for the assignements! Other options may be via flags (synthetic programming may be needed, I am not sure), or the paper keyboard furnished with the Wand...


Well Andres I understand you not wishing to go back to the 48g - too complex by far and not enough help! Anyway, before you try reassigning the alpha key, flood the switch with isoproponal alcohol (about 4 drops) and while pressing the alpha key, move it up and down a few times...sometimes the gold gets worn and the switch contacts oxadise...this fix is worth trying with dodgy on-off switches (just before you post them to someone else...)


Thanks Dave, the "alcohol on the keys trick" worked great! I going to try some on my wife tonight.....her switch seems to have been stuck for years now, stay tuned.....no, really it worked like a charm.

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