The Astro2010 module


To my very pleasant surprise, I discovered the new ASTRO2010 module over at TOS.

Excellent stuff by Jean-Marc Baillard!

Now, the MOD-file breaks down to three ROM-files (ASTRO-1, ASTRO-2 and ASTRO-3) all with XROM #6.

Whereas I haven't yet done the needed cleaning out of less interesting modules on my NoV-64 to accommodate for this gem, I wanted to ask how to make it work on the NoV-64 (if there are any issues to tackle with the three-in-one module).

Any thoughts?


Hi Geir

I wrote the programs & RAW files

but Angel Martin has built the MOD & ROM files.

He is the expert in those things

and I cannot answer to your question, sorry...

All the Best



It should not be any issue to burn on NoVo-RAM or any other advanced MLDL system. The only requirement is to put the ROM files in the sequential order (1-2-3) in adjacent addresses - that's where the single FAT needs the programs to be located.



Works like a charm!

This is the most excellent stuff. Thanks.


June 26, 2010 from most Sunny, Warm and Beautiful France

Hello to all !

CONGRATULATIONS to Both Jean-Marc and Angel for this Superb and Wonderful Astro2010 Module !

Jean-Marc you also have achieved a very professionnal and excellent User's Guide.

Angel, you have it perfectly right : as I just checked, Astro2010 works extremely well also on :

- HP41X/Y/Z, the HP-41Y ("RAMBOX II") Emulator running on HP-48GX from HrastProgrammer, and

- Emu41, the Ms-Dos HP-41Y ("RAMBOX II") Emulator from Jean-François Garnier

And if it works with me, it should work with absolutely anybody else (see
here ) :-)

Again CONGRATULATIONS to the four of you : Jean-Marc, Angel, Hrast and Jean-François !!!

And Very Best and Most Grateful Regards to you all !

Antoine M. "Kermit" Couëtte


We are now waiting for the 64-Kbyte Astronav module, a unique masterpiece of HP-41 software (see here and here for an history)! And now with the HP-41CY emulation for Nov-64 by Diego Diaz, every HP-41C can have it!



Thank you, Antoine !

Angel is preparing a FUNSTUFF module

that will be great too !

All the Best


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