HP12C programming primer?


I am new to programming the HP12C and I was wondering if there are any "best practices" or primer/tips&tricks guides on the technique, especially loops and conditional logic (as these are very limited).
Is it possible to say e.g. a FOR loop is always constructed with XXX commands, and a IF should always be translated to YYY, or is it best to just find a made-to-measure method every time?

I have succeeded in making some simple macro programs (e.g. quadratic root solver and similar keystroke automation) and I do understand the architecture of the bigger programs (moon lander, fast trigonometric), but I am sometimes surprised by clever tricks that I would never think of, and am unsure where to start.



I think the 'HP12C Owner´s Handbook and Problem Solving Guide' is the best source of basic techniques, but you may also find these ones very useful:

HP12C Platinum Solutions Handbook (also for the basic HP12C)

Writing a small Program (HP12C)

Programming in Algebraic Vs. RPN

Introducion to the Learning Modules

Maybe (almost sure about it) some of the links point to some already known material, but it is worth having a look at them. I am also trying to find the HP12C Learning Modules in PDF version but I failed. If anyone else knows where to download them from I'd also be thanked.


Luiz Brazil)

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