41C - Fun Stuff modules soon available


Coming back to the games ROMs idea, here's the list of the top-three ROMS - soon available at TOS:-

1. Playground ROM, includes such classics like Valentin Albillo's Reversi, MiniChess, and Checkers plus a few others (Rollers, MasterMind, Morse Code and sound effects)

2. Rubiks ROM.- Includes Julian Perry's Rubiks Cube Solver - plus a couple of extras (Roman numbers, Hanoi Towers, 8-Queens solver).

3. CHESS ROM.- Finally the CH136 construct (by Claude Roeltgen) has been harnessed into a ROM. It took serious work to re-populate the missing labels but now it's all compatible with standard programming. I augmented it with a MCODE move input function for ease of use.

So far they are three individual 4k roms. Could be combined into a single 12k module if preferred, but that'll take some changes. Ideally suited for V41 execution in Turbo Mode... (where's NEWT??)

Have fun!

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Awesome work Ángel, as usual!
Eagerly awaiting for them... ;-)



Yatzee in the Playground ROM?

Also, I haven't forgotten the Ultimate Stat ROM that we were e-mailing about. I will get around to answer your latest mail.


Sorry but I'm not familiar with Yatzee - but anything goes, assuming there's a RAW file for it (I've had my dose of keying code by hand, I assure you).

I can't wait to see the printouts of checkers, reversi and minichess on i41CX+, should be the absolute retro coming alive.

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Yatzee: http://www.rskey.org/gene/hpgene/yz.htm


Hey, I'm honored!

My favorite game and, along with SKUNK, the only big games I ever programmed!


Another couple of things worth adding:

* A decent random number generator. HP's suggested a linear congruential for many years and this would be okay but something a bit more modern would be better.

* Based on the above some dice rolling routines -- d6 2d6 ndm+k

- Pauli


If I get around to it I have a short and sweet Mcode RNG routine based on the Time module/CX.


Jean-Marc Baillard has written such a routine, you can find it at his hp41 program pages: (scroll down until you find it)


Håkan Thorngren wrote another implementation using a seed stored in a buffer - this one is available on the SandMath, functions SEEDT and RAND.

It's very easy to add them to the games module, but that only makes ense if they're used in the programs of course. Modyfying them will require some time though.

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My idea is to take the time register (current time) and reverse all the bits and save it to X as a fractional number. Simple.

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