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Just got a new HP desktop with Windows7, and checked out the calculator in scientific mode. Even the "standard" mode has a new look to it, but the scientific is really new. It has many features that resemble a 35s or 50g in algebraic mode (no, no RPN to be
found) but with special features which attach to the right side
like spreadsheets or "inform" windows of the 50g. It also had digit grouping (commas) - they must have read previous posts on this forum. Even has a pseudo-stack (history) but it really isn't the same. Worth a look. Glenn in West-LA


I was watching over a friends shoulder and did a double take at this calculator. I seem to remember it had some decent additions to the "programmer" functions as well as far as hex & binary modes but I don't remember for sure. Can you take a look at that aspect and report back?


Yes, I was impressed with it, myself. Even thought of posting on here about it, but figured all you geeks already knew.

Besides Basic and Scientific modes, it has Programmer and Statistics.

Then you can add Unit Conversions, Date Calculations, or Worksheets to the essential calculator function. The window expands to the right of the calculator and these appear.

Worksheets include Mortgage, Vehicle lease, and fuel economy (U.S. and S.I. units).


Hex, dec, oct & binary modes. Qword, Dword, word & byte (displays?). Bit-shifting & logical operators. Full 64-bit binary display in addition to regular display. Memory register. Square root, percentage & reciprocal. Mod. Oh, and PARENTHESES!!!


The Unit Conversions really caught my eye.

Some categories are very well implemented, with such units as chain, fathom, span and hand in Length, and long ton, short ton, tonne, carat, and stone in Weight/mass, for example.

Pressure could have been done better.

I won't give up my 48sx, though.



You can download '
Microsoft calculator plus ' from MS Download center.

It's look is really cute, but the unit conversions of the Power category should better include dBm.



Looks like someone in Microsoft did a good job updating the clunky old calculator application and forgot to advertise the worthwhile upgrade. I really like the new calculator accessory. I also like that it also displays (at least in sci mode) the operations that lead to the current results. I thought using sind() and asind(), for example, indicated that you were using sine and arc-sine in degree mode, was clever. In case you changed angle mode and kept on calculating, you still know how you got the currently displayed value!

The next upgrade should include RPN.


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