Carly runs for the Senate


Pages 34 through 39 of the June 7 issue of The New Yorker covers the Republican primary race for the U. S. Senate seat from California which is currently held by Barbara
Boxer. Interesting reading, if only to see once again how Carly sees her stint at HP.


I have mixed feelings; but almost anyone would be better than the incumbent!


She could be facing a challenge from someone who used to run TI??? I mean this HP/TI rivalry, where does it end???!!!




Well, the important question that the voters want answered is what is their stand on algebraic vs rpn vs rpl? ;-)

My guess is that Boxer is a 12c user while Fiorina hires people to do her calculations. ;-)



My guess is that Boxer is a 12c user...


Subject is self-explanatory.


She may have an HP-67, and think the "P<>S" key means "Primary<>Senate"


She may have an HP-67,

Probably not. It was during her tenure at HP that the 48gx and the last of the Pioneers were discontinued, and production was outsourced to China.

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