7470A Plotter Programming Examples


Is it just me, or is there not a lot of information about programming the 7470A plotter with a 41CX if you don't have the plotter module? I have a 7470A with HP-IB and an HP-IL/HP-IB interface. In looking thorough the Museum CDs I can find a few programming examples, but there really isn't a single webpage devoted to this (is there?).

My interest is to use the plotter not for charts and graphs, but for fun stuff. I'd like to see if I can get the plotter to draw fractals, random walks, etc. I am starting to learn the individual HP-GL commands, but thought it would be nice if there were some examples somewhere.



Hi Dave:

True, there are few (if any) general hpgl plottter examples.

The best (although minimal) resource I've found are the users manuals and programming manuals for the plotter (I've used the 7475, 7550, 7586, 7596). My experience is with RS232 plotters driven by a PC or HP48. I am not familiar with the manuals for the 7470. I believe it is similar to the 7475 but limited to 'A' size paper.

Of course, the auction site has manuals available, and also at hpmuseum.net.

Email me if you would like more details.



Thanks Tom,

I have not looked at the other plotter manuals, so that may help. I am figuring it out, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing an obvious resource. I just found this pdf that explains things well, but I am sure the 7470A does not have all of those commands.


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