I must be misssing something


There is an auction on TAS that is selling an four-function TI-150 for $1650!!! I am sorry, but no four-function calculator is worth that much to me!!! Joerg's datamath website mentions that it is very rare. Ok. I get that! But still ... 1650???? Common folks!!!



Agreed. He says "only" 4000 were made. That's still a lot of only in my book.


And seems to emphasize that the box was in good shape!!!

I know that value of vintage electronics is in the eye of the beholder, but there is a line between the reasonable and the absurd.



I know the serial number - it went just a few weeks ago for about $300 to Hollywood ;-))


I see ... Do you feel that E$1650 is high?



I would sell you mine for $825 and still feel bad ;-))

A TI-150 is $150. Period.


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