I have been using HP calculators since 1980 and my 32SII is the best one that I have owned. I was dismayed to learn that the suits have decided to stop making it. Are they going to replace with an up dated version or what?



Probably not. It seems that scientific RPN calc are economically not interesting.
Anyway, you should have seen the 42S - IMHO this is the best scientific RPN calc ever made, right in front of the 15C (both of which I use still today).



It seems "or what" is the right answer, as you may read in previous posts...

If I may, Pascal, I cannot agree more. As stand-alone calculators, both HP42S and HP15C are also, for me, the best ones (should I guess you're in Electrical OR Surveying business?)



You're close: Maths and EE :-)


So this is how it ends!

The 32sII, the very last of the fabled RPN calculators.

I suppose nothing last forever...


HP still makes the HP 12c I think this is the last of the Scientific RPN calculators



"aruid" --

The 12C is a business calculator on the same platform of the scientific 10C/11C/15C/16C. The quality of today's "Made in China" 12C's, though, is lacking.

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