Replica Labels - HP-67 on eBay with Fake


Well, I hate to say "I told you so", but Replica Labels have found their way onto ebay by sellers of HP-67s.

I told you these replica labels would not be used for ones own use. Here is the first Replica Label that I have found on eBay. Clearly, these labels will be used to sell, otherwise, poor quality 67s.

At least this seller is honest to mention that it is a Replica. But you will soon see others that are not so honest, selling replica label 67s as original.

HP-67 with Replica Label

I also notice that this is not one of the ones that clearly states Replica Label so beware that the seller of the Replica Labels must be selling the other type still.


I would just like to state for the record that I am not "ellis4447". Also, that auction makes me feel very good about my HP67 that I "won" on Ebay for $138, which had been attacked with a screwdriver, for which the seller agreed to refund $25. That calculator is in similar condition (other that the attack), had been stored without a battery (I think this led to the attack - an effort to learn the battery polarity), had no electrical damage from the attack, and the damage cleaned up pretty well. Also the calculator came with complete Standard Pack, Navigation Pack, and Games Pack.

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