changing the language in an HP18C


Dear All,
to my surprise (it's the first I ever have) I have discovered that
not only the documentation could be localized
but the calculator itself ...
In other words, I have received today an HP18C from a German guy,
the manual is in german (that I knew) but also the menus on the calc are in german ...
Is there any way to have them in english ????

thx for help, Alberto



the HP19B (and the 17BII+ and newer HP17BII units) allows changing the language through the [MODES] menu, [INTL] softmenu. I am not sure about the HP18C, but it´s worth trying...

Hope this helps.



ciao Luiz,
thank you very much for your reply, how do I access the "mode " menu ? I only see keys for the financial, caluclator, sum, time, solve and math menu ...

I can't believe the language setting is hardcoded in the machine .....

take care Alberto


Hello Alberto,

The language is hardcoded in the HP-18C.



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