HP 41 Family Service Manuals


I was just on that unmentionable website reviewing HP Calculator items and I ran into someone in Germany selling CD disks with scans of an HP-41 Service Manual, HP82161A Cassette Drive Service Manual and an HP82162A Printer Service Manual. I reviewed my copy of the HP Museum DVDs, version 7, and could not find them on my disks.

Am I missing something or are these documents missing from the DVDs? I'm thinking that these documents are important to this site and if they're not available any other way, should I purchase and donate the scans to be included in the next issue of the HP Museum's DVDs?


Correction: I did find the 41C CV CX Service Manual and the 41C Service Manual on the DVDs (I must be blind!) but not the cassette deck or printer service manuals.

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The Cassette Drive service manual can be found here.



so I couldn't care less - but donating the scans might be a legal grey area. I'm pretty certain that the seller has no rights whatsoever on the HP manuals, so he is very likely breaking copyright laws when commercially offering the scans. This doesn't make the copy of the copy legal... Best way would be to find an original manual and donate the scan (to my knowlegde, HP tolerates the scans on the museum DVDs). Just my 2 cents.


don't. I got them and we can figure it out with Dave.


Great. Thanks for all the responses.

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