1972 HP-35 With Bug


I just got one of these of eBay. The battery was dead and the owner did not claim that it worked. I immediately tried a rebuilt battery I have and it did not work. However, when plugged in with the wall charger, it does.

I presume the two outside contacts on the charger plug socket must make contact when running on batteries. This contact is a little corroded. Is it safe to jump these to determine for sure that this bad connection isnt the fault?

I do not think I want to break into this calculator to look at the contacts beneath the battery tray as the label is in pretty good shape.

Thoughts on easy fixes?


congrats for your new calculator, and yes, is safe to connect the two extreme pin to verify if the calculator works with the battery pack inserted. But if you want replace or clean the original jump, you must open the body removing, even partially, the rear label.




It is alive. Good deal.

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