Thermal Printer Battery pack


My thermal printer 81162A doesn't work even plugged into power. It seems the battery pack is the problem, and the printer can't be used without the pack in situ. Is there any way of circumventing this, or is there any substitute for the now obselete pack (82033A)?

My HP41CX is still very much in use and it would be very handy to print out program listings.


Batteries Plus can rebuild them for $20.


Thanks a lot guys. I'll try Batteries Plus. Can you tell me where to find them. I'm in Ireland; but that's never a problem when I'm getting hardware or software from your side of the Atlantic


The problem is probably due to the NiCad's falling into a deep sleep after being unused for some time. Often they will be very hard to rouse.

It may be better to gently remove them from their bed and place them in another place to sleep, replacing them with new NiCads that are wide awake and ready to work for you.

On the other hand, a friend of mine just resurected his nicads in an HP calculator by subjecting them to a VERY high charge current for a short time. This can ressurect NiCads, but obviously has some risks associated with it.

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