are we becoming zombie-people?


This article is food for thought.

I think the Apple ][ and the original Mac were revolutionary. But I also think i-whatever's have resulted in very little real "thinking" going on. It was IBM's motto, for a very good reason.


Hi Don

Thank you for pointing out this article! Really food for thought. And of course an opportunity for those who manage to retain thinking and concentration enough to do their work thoroughly.

So let's keep our wonderful HP calculators that help us solve problems rather then distract us from the real issues.




One of the few times I agree with Obama.


People use the devices/tools in different ways. We (US/UK/Europe/etc) are a capitalist society, and consumerism is nothing new. I don't see our governments outlawing "smart phones" and other connected devices.

Personally, I enjoy these things. Technically, they hold the same excitement for me that my HP-25C had when I was in school. I like the easy access to information and email. Yes, I see the potential to get lost in it, but that's up to the individual.

What I see going on, more than technology -- but certainly related to it, is the crumbling of the integrity of our news outlets. They're all adopting what used to be tabloid tactics. Teasers, voyeurism, sensationalism, minimal focus on local news... They don't ask themselves, "Is this what people need to know?" And of course there's way to much time devoted to so-called "news programming", because the production costs are so low.

At least on my iPad I can easily access BBC news and other outlets that I prefer for certain types of news. Anyone can put anything out there now. Each of us gets to select what we want to consume. Maybe the vetting of information sources should be taught in school.


You make some very good points.

I know that every generation tends to complain about the next generation. The old "I walked five miles to school every day, why can't you?" syndrome. But then the next generation seems to do OK too.

But this massive use of and dependence upon personal electronic devices does tend to make us focus more on ourselves, at the expense of interacting with other human beings. I do worry about what effect that will have in the long run.

Regarding news sources, I tend to agree with you; it has become cutesy and seeks out our lowest common denominator, which in math is good but in humans is generally not so good. When I grew up, watching the evening news with Walter Cronkite (you just knew you could trust him) and reading the daily newspapers were just an accepted way of life; that is what educated people did. I don't think the new generation does that, and I'm sure there are reasons for it.

I personally think that we need a renewed emphasis on "thinking" in our world. We HP calculator programming fanatics tend to do that anyhow, seeking out new and better algorithms. I'd like to see a lust for "thinking" among the next generation instead of a preoccupation with and reliance upon all things i-whatever.

But I know that's not likely to happen.


When I grew up, watching the evening news with Walter Cronkite (you just knew you could trust him) and reading the daily newspapers were just an accepted way of life; that is what educated people did. I don't think the new generation does that, and I'm sure there are reasons for it.

After Walter retired, he wrote and spoke out, and we all learned soon enough that he had very strong political views. But very much to his credit, he did not let those views color his reporting the news all those years. At least it didn't seem so. Couldn't say the same for David and Chet. After Dan Rather took over... well, we know what happened there.

But if it took discernment to filter the reporting back then, wow, with all the wacko blogs and such that so many young people get their information from now... makes me shudder.

My opinions, of course.


This is all so true and one of the reasons I left Facebook a while ago. It's just ironic that I had to read the article on my iPod .....


Hi from Puerto Rico

One of the things internet has is that is more easy than ever to get news or information more fitted to a certain world view than ever before and this tend to isolate people more. This could be a strength or a handicap.

It is complicated by the fact that people read less and less and is more less educated specially when their world is based on having things to bring them a status to impress their peers.

But with technology something is gained and something is lost and one must compensate to used it properly. I participate in places like Facebook that allows me to met people from anywhere in the world and get my message through. At least I can have the possibility of bringing out a better view by sharing my thoughts.

I used Facebook daily as a conglomerate of tools that give me news (I post any diary or publication of my liking so I can read it there) cultural, social interests and able to share my opinion on any relevant issues.

Sometimes I know things the traditional media lacks or do not report. As a matter of fact some of my interests are omitted or not known because some information sells better than others or simply those reporters are not as educated enough to be helpful. Or someone is interested only to fill what is missing with worthless material.

I learn a lot by reading a blog thread on any issue or problem the world is having.

One must be ahead to be present in the position to allows us to have a voice in a world that is fast changing.
Politicians have failed us so we must be in charge of things once in a while.

Is my opinion though

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