HP Portable Plus/ HP 150 Systems


I own the 150 Touchscreen II anbd the Portable Plus. GREAT
computers for their time.

Also they had IL capability so I interfaced them to each other, various IL peripherals and to the 41 & 71.

Anyone else try this?

41/71 users may wish to consider doing this now, as 150s and 110 are pretty cheap.

John Kercheval


I agree, the Portable Plus is a great machine.
How do you drive the HPIL? Do you use Basic, or assembly level? I remember I made (a lot of years ago) a simple "HPIL monitor" program in Basic with in/out functions.



Thanks for your response.

In the case of the 110+, it has built in I/O features to run the IL. Once the unit is connected to a Calc, the 41/71 can upload files, etc, in effect using the electronic discs
of the 110+ as mass storage devices. In the case of the cassette drive, you just use the storage commands to save data to it.

I LOVE the idea of using plug in ROMS to load programs versus the hard drive & wish my HP Omnibook XE2 had such features.

In the case of the 150, shareware was released in 1987 that ran the IL Card and provides a seemless interface "shell" between the unit and calcs. and was very easy to use.

Did you ever subscribe to the third party newsletter " the "Portable Paper?"

Do you still have the 110?
What applications did you use?



I have several 110's. I purchased them in the past year specifically because of the IL capabilities. I've been in an binge to acquire anything with HP-IL. I have tested the machines with the 9114B IL disk drive and worked great. My goal is to connect them to the 41 and 71 to see what I can do. I've even thought about writing some sort of control or monitor program in either Basic or Assembly just to try it out but I haven't had the time. There various ROM-based routines that allow you to "talk" to the IL.


What would you say is a good price for the 110? Do you have any accessories you would like to trade or sell?

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