HP-41 Programs


Hi All,

If you want to take a look at

you'll see the programs that I wrote for the HP-41

Though the display is not fantastic,

the listings may be useful - at least I hope so...

Best Regards,



Wow. What a resource. I'll be up all night :-)


Merci, JM! C'ést magnifique!

I second Geir´s 'Wow!' as well... 8^D


Luiz (Brésil)



Thank you for your appreciations!

But I still have to enhance all these pages.

The htmls are changed into .php files

so if you want to save some of them on your PC

add .html to their names.

All the Best



The breadth and the depth of this collection is nothing short from awesome. I'm glad that finally you put them in a dedicated place and that the updated pages are available to the world - they're worth it!





Very nice! I have posted a few HP41 and HP67 programs on my web site, but they are a few. My reason is that I doubted many will actually use them!



Hi, Namir;

I have seen your web site sometime ago (do not recall the e-address; could you point me there again, please?), and it has only interesting material. Congrats!

I also have some programs written for the HP41 that have never seen the sunlight, and I've always wondered if it is worth sharing. You know what? This is actually a way to show what can be done with it and what have we done with it. Some people may use the programs just for the fun, but hey! Once they were written for a purpose, this is what lasts.

Believe me, I'm typing and testing each one of the programs I wrote, and I'll post them as soon as I have the chance to build the pages. When I see that you guys are sharing your own gems, I feel even more confident showing the codes I wrote.

Let´s keep the HP41 spirit alive!


Luiz (Brazil)


By all means Luiz, go ahead and share those programs with the rest of 41-die-harder community :)

What's about this machine that refuses to die despite all logic and common sense??


Hi, Ángel;

I´ll do that, for sure. There are a few programs of mine that have no equivalent amongst the programs shared here and in other places I've checked so far, and I think they may become part of the HP41´s legacy.

About the HP41 refusal to die, I would like to quote a very well known Vulcan saying:

If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains must be the truth!
Thus, logic and common sense must be wrong in this case...

Live long and prosper!

Luiz (Brazil)


About the HP41 refusal to die, I would like to quote a very well known Vulcan saying:
If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains must be the truth!

What do you know, Vulcans are well read on Sherlock Holmes :)


I thought quoting Sherlock Holmes would be outdated... 8^)


Luiz (Brazil)


Of course, you are right, the HP-41 desesrves to be associated with futuristic entities rather than old-fashioned ones.

Good wishes


Of course, you are right, the HP-41 desesrves to be associated with futuristic entities rather than old-fashioned ones.

The HP41 is timeless!


What an interesting and eclectic selection of programs. Well done.

I love collections like this. I had a big thick book of programs for the hp-34c which I threw out a few years after my calculator died in the 1980's. I've regretted it often since :-(

- Pauli


Wow, this is amazing, absolutely awesome!


I will add my voice to the chorus and also say, "WOW!"


A real treasure trove!

I had seen some of your programs before at MoHPC HP-41C Software Library and enjoyed them. Since you have suggested Warren Furlow's V41, I guess you have some RAW files for use with the emulator. It would be nice if they were also available.

Best regards,




Now a question for you. Have you started a list of which ones will port to the 42s? (Or at least which ones will not).




Can you post .raw files for these programs. Will help loading them on 41 and 42 emulators.



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Typing the code into V41 is time consuming and prone to errors - so I'm not assuming JM will do that across the board - it's thousands of code lines!

Perhaps we should all do our favorites and send them to him in RAW format - that'll share the load.



Why not using HP41UC.EXE/WIN41UC.EXE on the listings?



That's an idea that slipped my mind!




Hi Massimo,

I must be doing something wrong but I can't figure out how to convert ascii text files into RAW using win41uc.exe.

Any advise will be appreciated.



WIN41UC wants basic runtime libraries and HP41UC available.

I had HP41UC complain about being used in a (Win7) 64bit environment, suggesting to try in 32bit.*

I was able to succesfully convert the continued fractions program inside a WinXP 32 bit virtual machine by this command line:
HP41UC.EXE /t=infile.txt /r=outfile.raw /n


* 64-bit Windows does not support running 16-bit Windows-based applications.

edited to add comments

Edited: 10 May 2010, 9:14 a.m. after one or more responses were posted


Thank you all ! 

It's a pleasure for me to share my creations with you.
Unfortunately, I don't have the corresponding .RAW files,
but there is also a JMB MATH Module that you could find interesting:
It was recently added in the archive site.

I wrote the programs and the manual
but Angel Martin built all the .MOD & .ROM files
and I'm greatly indebt to Angel for his huge work.

Best wishes,


Just a reminder to all HP-50G owners...

Egan Ford's Article on 41C to 50G Migration

A great place to store and play with these programs!


Egan Ford's Article on 41C to 50G Migration

Wow, it must be a loooooong time since the last time I have been here, because I didn't know about this article until today. And even much longer time since I finished my work on HP-41E ...

Anyway, with a 2-year delay, congratulations to Egan for making such a comprehensive and useful article!

Just one small correction ... If you store some of those code objects (containing various HP-41E variants) to a variable in the main RAM, you won't get MEMORY LOST after you exit the emulator with ON&F and run it again, no matter if RAM saving has been enabled or not. This is because the whole RAM has been preserved inside the emulator body. You can even copy such code objects from one calculator to another and emulator RAM will be preserved.

Of course, if you store it to a SD card on HP-50G, then you'll get MEMORY LOST each time, because the emulator has to be temporarily copied from SD to main RAM for execution. So, in this case, RAM saving has to be enabled, otherwise you will loose all your work, as stated in the article.

Best regards.



Thanks for the tip *AND* especially the emulator, HrastProgrammer! :)

(Thanks to you, my old HP-41 code lives on inside my HP-50G.)

- Bill

Edited: 11 May 2010, 10:19 p.m.

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