For the HP-41 M-coders out there: NoV-64 update... (you'll love it!) ;-)


Hi all,

I've been taking a long rest by Caribbean Sea shore. Sun, beaches, palms, good rum, better company... ok, ok, I'll stop.

Back to the point, relaxing is great for the brain, so I've taken a nice portion of time to build a new code for the NoV-64.

Geir Isene has offered an unvaluable help suffering a big bunch of crashes while beta-testing. Want to make public my gratitude for his efforts.

This update includes several new fuctionalities which I hope may be appreciated not only for the M-coders, but for the average user as well.

In abstract (but please, please, please... read the manual!):

- Handles 32K RAM in-a-row, allowing page copy between different RAM blocks.

- Allows RAM to ROM page copying.

- The ROM page copied from RAM is now fully operative.

- Allows the ROM page copied from RAM to be extracted to a .ROM file in you PC.

- Keeps RAM page protection status regardles the page your RAM is allocated.

You can download it from here.

Please note that it will still must be considered "preliminary", therefore, it is advisable to save your current "NoV-64-H.asm" file in a safe place. The rest of the files in the update are new so no conflict with any other.

Please feel free to mail me back with your comments, questions, suggestions, etc.

Best from Dom. Republic.


Edited: 7 May 2010, 3:51 p.m.


I'll return the compliment by saying this is an excellent upgrade to the NoV-64. It's a very complete product. An invaluable add-on for the modern HP-41 user.

Thanks Diego.


It's ok, I look forward to taking those beers with you... ;-))

In the meantime, I've been considering the possibility of adding yet another feature to NoV-64.

I think that once the RAM image has been saved into a PC file, the requirement of re-programming the whole module to recover page #F is a waste of time. Users more likely have their favourite ROM images loaded into NoV-64 ROM, so there's no need to go through the configuration process again wasting about 2minutes.

So I'm now preparing a small code that will allow page #F (last page on ROM Block 2) to be erasable directly from the control word. Namely, by writting H'3FF in it.

The erasing process will take about 0.16seconds so it won't cause noticeable overhead, and page #F will again be available for RAM dumping.

I hope I'll have the final release by the next week.

Best wishes.



Nice addition - as I usually have pages #E and #F free for physical plug-in modules.


Hi all,

A report regarding a NoV-64 (ver. 08r) issue was received yesterday. Thanks a lot to Frido for pointing this out.

In short CX + NoV-64(08r) + HP-IL cannot operate unless HP-IL PRINTER switch is set to DISABLE.

As I'm preparing the mods to allow page #F erasing on-the-fly; I'll include the required code to fix the bug reported by Frido in the next (definitive? :-) release.

Best regards.


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