Suggestion for the Next HP-50G ROM...


Since the HP technicians (Tim, Cyrille, et al.) follow this forum, I thought I would take advantage of it and make a simple suggested modification to the AMORT menu that would hopefully be incorporated into a future ROM version:

The AMORT menu currently consists of:


F5 - B->PV


I suggest adding two new functions that would *greatly* improve the functionality of AMORT:



Whereas "F3" would decrement the "Payments" value, and then recalc and relist the form.

"F4" would increment the "Payments" value, and then recalc and relist the form.

Thus, someone wanting to "watch" the changes in an easy "one-click" month* by month way can do so without having to click the "up" key, entering the new "Payment" number, and then clicking AMOR for every new iteration.

(* - I assume that "Month" is the normal default payment period for mortgages for the purpose of this posting.)


Hi, Bill;

never thought of it this way. In fact, the HP12C has the [n] key always present, so it is easy to do what you want.

If I may, I´d try

[  N+  ] [  N-  ]
F3 F4
instead. I think these would be more suggestive.

In any way, what about a custom AMORT menu?


Luiz (Brazil)


Thanks Luiz! Another useful button (F2) might be to dump a year or so of AMORT data to a matrix that can be loaded into the matrix editor so the perspective home buyer can see it in a "spreadsheet" format on the HP-50G as well.

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