Reverse engineering the 12C+


I mapped out the display and keypad today, which was enough to get the 20B hex 4 banger project ported and running. No power management at all, yet.

I'm still fiddling with the LCD settings, but so far, so good.

My biggest failure was the debug UART--I simply couldn't get it to transmit. Ended up turning the CPU clock rate way up and bit-banging a 9600 baud output, which allowed me to decipher the display and keypad. (Probably something dumb that I forgot to configure, but it doesn't really matter now.)

Now for the tough parts...


According to the wiki there is an SDK that contains a simple 4-banger as an example. Does this not already have the keyboard mapped out?


I don't have a 12C+ SDK, and it looks like I (probably?) won't need one. I enjoy figuring out the hardware.



do you want a SDK for the 12c+? it might make it easier...


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