Is this from someone here?


Hi, all;

I was searching for digital wristwatches and found this interesting set of pictures and wondered about who is 'hp calculators' and if he/she is one of us or just a page created by the meeting organizational staff.

By the way, I was searching for any information about this particular wristwatch.



Luiz (Brazil)


hi luiz; i have no idea who it is but did you notice that his cake is in RPN mode. Sweet. -db





Tokyo Flash
I'm almost certain you will find this kind of watch there 8)


Halo, Frank; und danke schöen!

I got almost that close, because I have seen some of the watches shown in the page you pointed me to. Matter of fact, the collection shown there has more choices than I found in other pages, thanks!

Despite of the actual segmentation it uses, it seems to me that this one has the closest functionality to the one I posted about.

You know, my first motivation to find more info about this watch was the picture of a conceptual watch I saw in one old issue of the Elektor magazine. The watch could be seen in a tech exposition held in German. It uses no numbers, just bars, and the system demands a bit of 'on-time' computing prior to conclude what time is the watch showing.

This one, in the picture I posted, needs no computing, just direct reading, but surely the ones coming from Korea, China and Japan are twisting the concept of checking the time in a wristwatch.

And did you see? They already have a two-page museum! Wow! The no-longer-being-built watches are as futuristic as the ones still being sold.


Luiz (Brazil)

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My uncle used to call these "Wonder Watches."

You look at them and wonder what time it is...



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If only we had either bigger forearms or higher resolution eyes!

I am reminded of a New Yorker cartoon from many years ago, in which a person is glaring up at modernistic wall clock, with no numbers and hands nearly the same size. He turns to a colleague and snarls, "What the heck time is it?"


Back in those days, I was the only kid with a HP28C in school. My chemistry teacher wanted to loan it for some calculations and returned it - completely frustrated - because he failed to do even a basic 1+1. He called the calculators "Mäusekino" (which probably translates to Mickey Mouse display), due to the amazing display, which was way ahead of his own LED calculator :)


GIven that the very first picture in the photstream is in the cockpit of an airliner, I think that rather puts Geoff Quickfall in the frame.


My thoughts, too...


Actually, looking at what else is in there I suspect it is something someone in marketing created two years ago or so and has since been abandoned. I will look into it. . .



Wasn't me but thanks,but fun to know that someone else has an HP-01 in the cockpit.

heres my airline shot

Cheers, Geoff

P.S. I have been busy of late but have to get back to the book and an article on HP calculators! This has been my project for the last 9 weeks and for a few more (strickly off topic(my forum nom de plume is "Quicky" and check out my avatar!)):

My 74 RA21 ground up restoration

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