Repairing a HP41 Printer?


I finally am running my printer, but the paper doesn't advance enough and it prints ontop of the old. If I click Paper Advance 3 times it will print underneath, clicking 4 times gives alittle more space. Using original HP paper that came in the package with the printer still in its original 6 roll HP box.

Does not matter if I am plugged in or just running on batteries, as it does the same thing.

Any ideas?

Thank you.



Paper advance rollers are probably flat spotted. Sometimes you can work them back into round, but usually they have to rebuilt.



there are two small springs, in both left and right tips of the cog that pulls the paper, that control the pressure made over the printed paper. Are they in place? Also the rubber-like (kind of a polymer) rings in the same cog may be either contaminated (dirty) or wear. Should check it.

I also have a printer that does not pull the paper because the rubber belt that connects the motor pulley to the cog mentioned above is loose and it slips.


Luiz (Brazil)


I think Geoff Quickfall's calculator repair book will cover this. I have a busted printer for the 41 also, as well as a card reader with gummy rollers. I'm planning to get Geoff's book when he's done and trying to repair them myself.


Thank you guys. I was wondering if you had any dis assembly tips.


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