HP-12C+ source in the US?


I've been on another round of the local office supply stores, and I've yet to find a 12C+. (The ones I saw this weekend were in the white packaging, and I couldn't seem to get a good viewing angle and spy the battery door.) Is there a known online source in the US for the 12C+?

I've upgraded to a new computer, and I'm starting to feel the need for some more calculator firmware hacking...



Staples? I thought for sure I was them there.


I checked Staples and Office Depot Saturday. No 20B, 30B, 35S, or 50G, and the 12C units brought out from the stockroom were not obviously the new ones.


Is there a Fry's near you? If not, you might call one of their stores and ask, they're pretty savvy about these things. My 12C+ came from there via a very generous person who frequents this forum.


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