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For those who follow other old computer hardware, here is a link to the iDisk for the Apple II. It's a card you plug into an old Apple II and load it with multiple disk images to run on the hardware. These images are stored on USB Thumbdrives and you can even add Bluetooth if you wish. It's still a work in progress and I found out about it from the latest Juiced.GS journal. Lots of fun and it's good to see products still being developed for the Apple II...





This and other HW/SW development for the Apple II* is frequently discussed on comp.sys.apple2 (did you know that there is an FPGA implementation of the original Apple?).

I am a huge fan of the Apple II series (sans the GS). The Apple II+ was my first computer. I have a //c at home. For the most part I've gone virtual, Virtual ][ to be specific. It is hands down the best ][+, IIe emulator. Unfortunately, its only for OS/X. It emulates a number of HW options (clock, z80, sound, I/O, etc... cards, a printer, HDs, etc...). I only use my //c about once or twice a year to test my programs on the real thing, mostly for fun. I used ADTPro (freeware) to get all my orginal diskettes (including my very first) imaged so that I can run under emulation (to do this you need a real II* and a serial cable, and it goes both ways).

You just reminded me that I need to published my 41CX vs Apple II Pi shootout that Ron Knapp started 30 years ago (Ron threw the first stone :-).

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