HP97 batteries?


Hi HP world, is there anyone out there making battery packs for the 97?

Or is there anyone who can recell them? They are big!

cheers, Keith

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Hello Keith,
I will be very happy to help you with a recell service for your HP-97 battery pack.
I live in Italy so you must evaluate the postal fees.
I'm also selling rebuilded old HP-82033a battery pack with good 2200 mA NiCd akku.
Let me know if you are interested.




Hello Ignazio, I'm very happy to hear that you recell HP-97 battery packs. So maybe you can tell me how to open the plasticcase around the batteries without destroying the plastic case. I tried with a scalpelknife and a tiny rotating metal disc. The first method takes way too long and the second method results in clouds of molten and again solidificated plastic along the cut.

Every hint is very much appreciated - thank you very much in advance.




I've opened dozens of these battery packs as follows:

All you need is a heavy duty X-acto knife handle (#5) with a #19 blade.

Lightly cut through any labels that might be spanning the case halves.

Force the blade into all 4 corners between the case halves as far as you can. You need to use a lot of force so put the pack on a table and be careful to keep your hands clear of the blade in case the blade slips (or breaks, but this has never happened to me).

Find the corner that you were able to insert the blade the deepest into and re-insert the blade. Then twist the blade and the pack should split apart.

This procedure will slightly damage the corners of the pack but it will be hardly noticeable. About 20% of the packs won't open this way, in those cases you need to score into the ends of the packs as well. This is much harder to do, but always works if you spend enough time at it.


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Hello Karl,
the description presented by Katie is absolutelly perfect, I would not be able to explain it better.
Thanks Katie.



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Hello Katie & Ignazio,

thanks a lot for your answers. I'll try my luck.




Hi Keith,

The cells in the HP-97 pack are a fairly standard size known in the industry as "Sub-C" (22 x 42mm), which you can get from many sources. You can also look them up on TAS!

Joel Setton


Thanks Ignazio and Joel, I just bought a new pack from that auction site. I did look there before I posted the message and couldn't find them, but they are there. The batteries of my newly acquired 97 actually hold a some charge for a little while - not bad for batteries that are more than 30 years old! Cheers, Keith


I believe you bought them from Waterhosko (Mark Hoskins), who also makes replacement battery packs for HP Classic and Spice series calculators. He also sells O-rings for card reader drive wheel repair.


Yes that's right Michael. Have bought many batteries from him, but couldn't find 97 ones until this morning for some reason. The card reader also needs repair, along with the printer. This can be the next project. Funny I didn't actively seek this machine out, but now I have it I love it! Keen to restore it to its former glory. Cheers, Keith

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