Faint HP-11 LCD


Any solutions for a faint LCD on these calculators?

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We can't see the picture!



Ignazio, try right-clicking on the icon, and select 'view image'. Works for me.


I've tried to post pictures from my picasa site and they don't come through. Any suggestions?

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It looks like you're posting a link to a web page, not an image. You need the link to the actual image which is: http://lh3.ggpht.com/_32YBZSrfeUs/S9HHuUqIMaI/AAAAAAAAAi0/vv7eRZy37Gk/Cal.jpg which you can then imbed with the image command like this:


Same problem here, but in a lesser degree:

Lyuka has suggested in a former thread LCD contrast problems might be due to a faulty tantalum capacitor, among other things, but I haven't checked this out as I got used to the slightly low contrast on this one.



Hi, Gerson

The cause of the low contrast LCD of the 42s was found to be broken switching transistor for LCD bias generator in the chip.

for more information :
A work-around for sticking-to-low-contrast LCD problem of the HP-42S

However this won't apply to the HP-11C's case.




Hello Lyuka,

That particular HP-15C (SN 2905B29505) was bought brand new in 1989 by a collector in São Paulo and kept unused for more thant fifteen years before he eventually sold it to me. About one year earlier, another collector in São Paulo was lucky enough to find a new-in-box HP-15C in a small store, forgotten in a upper shelf where it had been kept since 1989. He sent me some pictures of it, but I cannot find them anymore. Incidentally, his only complain was about the dim display. From these two samples I cannot infer whether this was due to the long time the calculators had been kept unusued or to a problem on those final run units. Do you have any idea?



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