Problems w/ HP 49G



I use an HP 49G calculator. I have three problems.

#1 I try to create a directory in the HP 49G's port memory 0 & 1. The HP 49G won't let me do the. The puropose of the directories is to store my programs and equations on those ports. is there a correct procedure to do this?

#2 I try to cut, copy, & paste on my equations on equation writer, and on the command line. The HP 49G won't let me do that. Is there a correct procedure to do that?

#3 I used the equation solver for the HP 49G. The equation is q = k*(Pn)^1/2, where k is in units of (GPM/(psi)^1/2), q is in GPM, and Pn is in psi. (GPM stands for Gallons per Minute).

I tried to incorporate the units into my HP 49G solver. The problem is that when I try to to type into the k "1_gal/(min*(psi)^(1/2))", the HP 49G responds by saying "Invalid Syntax".

Please help me correct this problems.

Thanks in advance



Get a VOYAGER (HP15C). There have never been any reported MENU problems trying to do something that simple and logical. (:o )



I never tried to create a directory in any port, cause I am not sure they support it. AFAIK, you can have libraries and backup files there. BUT you can create a directory in USER RAM and transfer (copy or move) it as a backup file to any of the ports (use FILES commands). They will appear as ordinary variables, but if you recall them to the stack you'll see they are directories.

I'll delve into the calculator so I can find some more info, O.K.?




I got success building the expression like this (you can type in OR use UNITS menu):

When you enter the equation, it changes to this:
I tried other ways to enter it without success (in some situations, the units got collected if no parenthesis are placed).

I believe this will fit your needs.



I appreciate your help!




just to know if the procedures result O.K.

Best regards.


Yes it did!


#1: The manual of the hp48gx says it is not possible to create directories in ports. The 49 appears to have the same limitation.
#2: Try using HIST to access the stack while you're in EQW.
HIST is accessible from several situations where up-arrow doesn't work. (But maybe it's not exactly what you want)

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