HP 49G Units in Solver equation.



The calculator I'm using is an HP 49G.

I would like to know how to incoporate units into my solver equation.

Example 1:

For an example: A^2 + B^2 = C^2, where A, and B is in feet, but the C will be calculated in inches.

Example 2:

A more complicated example is q= k*(Pn)^1/2, where k is in GPM per (psig)^1/2, q is in GPM, Pn is in psig. But in this case, I want to incorporate CMS (cubic meters per sec) as well as GPM as the final result. In other words, when the HP 49G calculates the answers, it's got to produce two results number (one in GPM and the other in CMS). Can it be done?

Thanks in advance,


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