total solar eclipse Corvallis 2017 !


ok, whilst messing with my astro code, i discovered there's a total solar eclipse that goes through Corvallis in 2017! specifically, 2017 August 21 about 10:10 local time.

as you know, total eclipses have a "central line" that moves across the globe. If you're on the line at the right time = total darkness! i had my program emit a google earth KML file. check this:

just open google earth and load this KML file. what you will see a number of yellow lines across the globe. each one is a central line. if you zoom in, each line has little pushpins. click on these and it will tell you the date and time for the location.

some notes:

all the times are in GMT (ie no summer time correction too), for example the 2017 line hits Oregon at around 17:10 GMT (so -8 + 1 = 10:10 local time).

the line thickness is not to scale. when im feeling really keen i might add this to my program. depending on your zoom, you could be off the line and still see totality. in fact that's quite likely unless your zoom is way out!

where's the conference that year :-)


For those of you that may have a total solar eclipse on your "bucket list", you really should plan ahead to catch one. I am in the Southern California area and have found that this eclipse in 2017 is the closest one will come to me in my lifetime. Another one in 2020's in Texas and that is it, without extensive traveling.

I'll be taking the kids on a road trip in 2017 and we'll see the event of a lifetime. (I think my wife is less enthusiastic)



I was lucky enough to be able to be in Balatonbognár in Hungary for a total eclipse in 1999. It was truly remarkable - and I fully understand why eclipse chasers rush around the globe seeking them out.

If at all possible you really should go. I suggest you try and avoid crowds - I was lucky to have total silence - but the TV news coverage later that evening of the crowds at the popular venues showed a lot of shouting and whooping which would have spoilt it for me.


i think the 2020's is the one in 2024, which also goes across the US.


April 8, 2024:

I'm sure it will be cloudy that day where I am if I am in the path of totality.....


I completely agree with this. Additionally, as part of planning ahead, it is equally important to consider local weather conditions. You don't want clouds/rain to ruin your otherwise perfect plans, so your viewing should be someplace where they are minimized, if possible.

I've had the remarkable fortune of being able to see two solar eclipses w/o doing any deliberate travel to view them. In February 1979 (growing up in eastern Washington state) and on the summer solstice, 2001, in Lusaka, Zambia (being there for work at the time). One of my fondest memories ever is of that afternoon in Lusaka, especially the moment of totality, standing in the dusky darkness with a low, rusty African sunset 360 degrees around me. Absolutely beautiful.

I will certainly be in Oregon for 2017. It's too close for me to ignore it.



Anyone up to setup the HHC conference in Corvalis in 2017? how about late august?



The path (through the U.S., at least) can also be seen on Wikipedia. I noted it goes through Charleston, SC. Since I always go to Beaufort once during the summer, perhaps I will plan my trip for mid-August instead of the usual mid-July.

I saw a total solar twice before, but don't remember what years.

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