Emu71 updated for the PIL-Box


Hi, an update of my Emu71 emulator with support of the PIL-Box is now available on my site .

It was already possible to exchange program and data between Emu71 and a HP-71B by using the ILPer software and this is still the recommended method, but now Emu71 is also able to directly drive external HP-IL devices such as a HP3468 multimeter or a HP9114 drive.



Thanks for new version!


Merci beaucoup!

Mais... is it possible to link now your emu41 and emu71 to a "virtual" HP-IL? Or is it only possible using your PIL-Box? Which _is_ a must-have anyway I was told this WE.





  1. No problem working with OS/X, DOSBox, PILBox, 9114B. I just backed up my memory to physical disk.
  2. 9600 BPS. Slow. But it works.
  3. Does this indicate that there is no longer a commercial EMU71?

Thanks again for all your hard work.


Indeed there is no more a registered version. A side effect of providing PIL-Box support is that the ISA board is also supported in the free version.

To Mike: data can be easily be shared between Emu41 and Emu71 by using the same hdrive1 file, for instance.



Ok, downloaded and launched the emu71.

Get messages that the rom files that I put in the .ini file are not found as it starts up.

The rom images are in the same folder as the emu71 file that I am running in a command prompt window in XP.

The emu71.ini file contains:

; emu71.ini        Emu71 initialisation file
; 10 softwired modules max., plus 1 hardwired module
; main RAM in port 0 only
; port(1-5) type(ROM,RAM,HRD) size(Ko) file
0 RAM 32 ram00.bin
1 ROM 16 hpilrom.bin
3 ROM 32 symb.bin
4 ROM 32 math.bin
5 RAM 32 iram50.bin

So...dumb question...what mistake have I made? I renamed the ROMs to the shorter names and even tried caps vs. no caps.



IIRC, the math Rom is MATHROM.BIN and not math.bin.

Did you rename it "math.bin" on purpose ?

And in your config, depending on your JPC Rom version, you may want to check the filename too: for example JPCROMF.BIN for the F revision.



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Sorry for not reading your post thoroughly enough.

You state quite clearly that you did rename your Rom filenames.

So I cannot help further.

The only thing I can say:

This new version works for me with the original filenames as found on the Roms repository hosted by Jean-François.

Hope you can fix your issue.



Did you have the problem with the default ini file and ROM names?

Can you check that the "8.3" filenames are correct with a DIR /X at the command prompt?

I think someone already reported this, it was caused by a particular un-zip utility. Can you try to unzip with an other tool?



Aha. The DIR /X suggestion pointed out the problem. Been a long time for me away from DOS.

Issue was that in windows the file extension was not showing...so stupid OSX Mac guy that I was... I added .bin to the filename. So, the filename to DOS was Math.bin.bin.


Loaded now. Thank you.


Dacord, I did read your description. But I wanted to go a step further, for example put your emu41 with the 'Devil-ROM' in a IL to monitor the IL-commands. BTW, this is the only condition when the HP-41 is not the controler of the IL.

To be more precise: may I use the ILPer without PIBox (which I do not have yet), together with emu41 *and* one or more emu71? Or without emu41 and just one (or more) instances of emu71?



ILPer is to be used only with the PIL-Box. An external HP-IL controller (41, 71, 75) can communicate with several instances of Emu41 and Emu71 by using a commun disc image file but no way to build a virtual HP-IL connection between Emu41 and Emu71.




My idea just was to have everything virtual.


There might be a way with software like com0com which provides virtual com ports that are linked together. If they are seen by Emu71 and/or Emu41 and can be used as a PILbox substitute, it might work.


That may actually work. Unless, EMU41/EMU71 for the PIL-Box sends something to the PIL-Box that is unique to the PIL-Box (e.g. some type of reset) that must be acknowledged. I've use com0com to have different EMU48 sessions communicate. I also used it for this project: http://sense.net/~egan/virtual82240b/. Good stuff.


I thoght about this too but did not test it yet. IIRC Christoph Giesselink once mentioned it to link an emulated calculator running under Emu48 to the host. That I tried and failed as 'my' WinXP did not like com0com too much it seemed to me. I will give it an other try on Win7 Starter ...fun ...joke ...


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