41CV -- access programmed lines outside global label?


41C "gurus" --

I just bought a 1986 HP-41CV. One "feature" I haven't figured out how deal with is a seeming inability to access lines of programming that were not preceded by a global label (e.g., LBL "PROG") On several occasions, I have entered a series of instructions followed by an END, then been unable to insert a global label in front of these lines using PRGM mode. CATALOG 1 shows the END statement for the incomplete program, and the memory indicators show that the instructions remain in program memory. However, I can't seem to access the set of programmed instructions or even delete them except with the master clear. I have not seen the an answer in the manuals.

This was, and is, not a problem with the 15C I've had for 19 years. I'm sure someone can enlighten me. Thanks!

Karl (15c, plus recently-acquired 41cv, 42s, 34c)


I will be, maybe, the first to answer ........

When you run CATALOG 1 just press on the R/S key : this will stop the catalog listing and you can press SST or BST to single step and backward step in the catalog. You just have to position where you want and to pass in PRGM mode to see the END statement of your program-without-global-label. And you can do what you want here : adding a global label or deleting lines (do not forget to delete manually the end statement, I think it will not be deleted by XEQ "ALPHA" DEL "ALPHA" 999 ).



just to add some info over Fred's answer: to add a global label BEFORE the first program line, do what Fred posted before, stop the listing over the lone END, switch to PRGM mode and press:

 GTO . 000
You'll see:
 00 REG nnn
where nnn is the number of available registers. Then you can press:
LBL [ALPHA] name_you_want [ALPHA]

If done alright, you'll see the new global label next time you use CAT 1, and it will be in the first program line.



A better way of deleting the program is to XEQ ALPHA C L P ALPHA (clear program) then ALPHA ALPHA as argument. This will erase the program you are standing in.


A "thank you" to Fred, Luiz Vieira, and Hakan Thorngren --

Your suggestions worked for me. It turns out that this topic is specifically addressed on pp. 39-40 of the HP-41C/41CV Operating Manual ("A Guide for the Experienced User"), if perhaps not the Owner's Guide.

-- Karl

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