HP-41 Flat top N cells


Hello HP fans,

I just bought a N (LR1) flat top cells set. Someone told me it would be possible to make contact in the HP-41, but he didn't explain how. Did anyone already try to use this cells?
Thank you!

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Hi, Xavier;

I sent you an e-mail with specific contents. It also points to the link below: (sorry for misspelling batteries; I saw it a little bit later... The link works with 'bateries', I just created the page with the wrong word)


I believe it will give you the necessary information.

Sorry taking too long...


Luiz (Brazil)

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Ola Luiz, tudo bem?

Obrigado pela resposta!
Of course I have now to ask you about how to 'fill in' those cells, but it will be another story ;)

Thank you very much!

Best regards.

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