Note for NoV-64 users.



In the docs it's fairly clear that NoVRAM and NoV-32 can be configured in a Clonix-41 fashion. However, this seems not to be clear at all for the NoV-64. Of course they also can.

I should have properly pointed it out in the docs (my fault).

For those of you that may find this feature useful, just select "Clonix-D" in the configuration window and make sure you include the same ROM images in *both* "Flash ROM blocks" fields; plug your NoV-64 in the programmer and procced as usual.

Hope this helps.



Dear Diego,

does this mean that you can use the NoV-64 module as a Clonix-D by simply overwriting the pages occupied by HEPAX?

Best regards



Well Frido, not "exactly". NoV-64 does not have the possibility of swapping its internal ROM banks as the Clonix-D does. So you can only have 6 pages (as in a standard Clonix). Thus the need to replicate the ROM images selection in *both* Flash ROM blocks.

Hope this helps.



I guess I'm not the only one that is somewhat confused about the differences between the Clonix, Novram, Nov-32, and Nov-64. It might be helpful to have a table comparing them.


Hi Eric,

You're more than probably right... as the "family" is growing up, its different members' features may lead to confusion.

Here you are an abstract:

It's basically a ROM-box which can hold up to 6 pages (4K each)
Intended to "clone" any ROM PAC module(s).

Same features that Clonix-41 but double ROM size. Its ROM is divided in two blocks of 6 pages each. These blocks can be swapped by plugging the module into an even or odd port.

A RAM-Box, mainly intended to clone "Adv HEPAX". It has 16K RAM and ROM to hold the four pages of the HEPAX module plus two extra ROM pages.

Same as NoVRAM but double RAM size. Its 32K RAM are organized in two blocks of 4 pages each which can be swapped by writting h'000 or h'001 into a control word placed at address H'4100.

Again HEPAX emulation with 4 blocks of 16K ram (thus the "64") and another two blocks of 16K ROM. Switching between the blocks can also be achieved by writing said control word.

Alternatively a new ROM (ICEBOX1H) written by Geir Isene, includes several commands in order to handle the ROM and RAM blocks of a NoV-64, allowing the user to switch between them from a FOCAL program.

NoV-32 is backward compatible with NoVRAM and Clonix-41, as NoVRAM is backwards compatible with Clonix-41.

NoV-64 is compatible with Clonix-D in terms of internal functionality, but it lacks the possibility of swapping its ROM blocks by changing the port. That's why it only shows 6 pages and they must be programmed in both banks.

Hope this clarifies a bit the differences.



Edited: 16 Apr 2010, 2:40 a.m.

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