Pocket Professional Math-Pro


I just acquired a 48GX with a card called the Pocket Professional Math-Pro. I don't know that much about anything 48 series.

Were they very popular? There was also a card in the box that mentioned a software called CalcWare PC Link for upload/download with the calculator. Is that still around?




The Math-Pro card probably is not as popular as many of the other software cards such as surveying cards or engineering cards. One of the reasons is that there were many really powerful math programs written for the 48 series that were free. Two that I personally still use are ALG48 and ERABLE. There is a bit of overlap between these two packages, but they are very nice.

The Calcware PC Link is no longer in production. I believe this was produced by Sparcom (who published the Pocket Professional series). It was basically the PC link with their own upload/download software.

Edited: 12 Apr 2010, 5:11 p.m.

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