I just want to share with you some pics of one HP-41C halfnut I just bought recently for 27 dollars.
This unit is from the estate of an engineer in Oregon involved according to the seller in the early development of such devices.

It works perfectly after some repairs (Beeper and bottom shell were missing)

I have also pluged a quad module which has been recognized....

You know what, sometimes, I feel Lucky :)






The pictures don't load.


Halo, Philippe;

I believe the best way to point to pictures that big would be by using link: instead of url: as you did. I did that in order to find a better way to download the pictures (at least two of them are huge, about 3.3MB):





Even thought, they refuse to download...

Edited: 11 Apr 2010, 8:15 p.m.


I just want to say that for the first time in my life, something loaded just perfect on my computer but not everyone elses. Pardon me while i go out to buy a lottery ticket.


A lottery ticket for me too... ;-)



Download with (slowly) flying colors here as well d:-) db, you're not alone ;)

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