9114B Battery Replacement?


I'm sure this has been asked before but I guess this is my time to ask:- Any ideas on how/where to replace the 9114B battery??





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Ola, Ángel; ¿como estás?

I once had to replace the battery that came with the HP9114B I have. At the time I tried finding a replacement, I found only a 1.3Ah battery against the 2.4Ah that came with the unit. Here you can see the pictures I took when testing the batteries (pictures were edited: cut and resized)

Considering that the smaller unit would provide shorter working periods, I tested it and it worked well. I actually avoided using it without the charger, as stated in the 9114B manual, so I thought that the worst case scenario would be the battery not providing enough peak current, like when the main driver motor started spinning the disk. I had no problems working with the 9114B with it for a while, and after the new replacement was delivered I replaced it. Have been using so far, for about two years.

Hope this helps a bit.

Luiz (Brazil)

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Angel, I once collected articles on repair of the 9114 and it is published in the article section as the 9114 repairs manual. It has a good long section onthe battery repair/replacement.





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