HP-19C Paper


Hi, still have an HP-19C thermal prinitng calculator that I STILL use on a daily basis at my current job.
Trying to find a supply of the thermal paper and the Internet sites I've tried talk to me like I'm nuts. Maybe I am.
Help...... anybody have any suggestions?
Appreciate any/all help.


If it takes the same size paper as the 82143A, I found it at Staples, but they probably have it at any office supply store. They actually have packages of thermal calculator paper.

Edit: I can't find a reference to paper width in the 19c manual, but length is only 22'. The shortest rolls they have at the office store are 85', so as long as the width is the same, you could "roll your own".


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The HP-19C (and the HP-10) does not use the same size paper as the HP-82143A; it uses narrower paper and the paper holder also requires a smaller roll diameter.

The topic comes up every once in a while around here. There is some information in the forum archives, for example this thread looks like it might be helpful (the 19C is mentioned at the end), and so does this one.

Google is your friend.

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It looks like this place has a size that would fit:




Well, I know the width is 1-1/2" and the only roll diameter listed is 2-1/2" which is way too big (should be about 1-1/2"), so you would have to discard much of the roll. I wish I could remember where I found mine, I think Katie gave me a source.


There is one on that page I believe would work without any modification:

15XS 1 7/16" x 1" 18 12 rolls/case $19.50

It's 1/16 smaller in width so I don't know if that would cause a problem, but it also has only 18' on the roll, so it looks like the diameter would be OK.



Actually, it won't work. I know, because I've tried it. It's the same stuff as Radio Shack Cat. No. 65-708, and that mere 1/16" difference in width is sufficient for it not to engage the feed rollers properly and not fill the guide slot. The paper feeds unevenly and gets crooked as it advances.


Just buy the stuff from Staples. I do that for all of my printers, including the 19c and the 97. It's actually pretty cheap. Just make sure the width isn't too much and then you're set.

If you can't find the exact stuff, let me know and I'll go to my local Staples and track it down.




Thank you all for your great suggestions.
I think I'm going to go with the 38mm variety that I found at Thermal Paper Warehouse. It's quite long and I'll just have to roll my own on the rolls that I kept.


And here's the link for the paper for anyone else's benefit:


It's a 38MM X 40 FT Cab Meter Roll that SHOULD work just fine.
I'll re-post if it doesn't work.


The 38mm paper roll discussed above WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!!!!!!
Got a quan of 100 rolls for like $30 (enough for my lifetime!)
Perfect width and it's darker than the royal blue of the original paper from H-P. You will have to strip off the first 3-4 feet though as the roll's a little too fat to fit down into the paper well and close the top door. Still gives you 36 feet which is better than the original 22 feet.

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