HP 41 Port Extender


Was cleaning up and "rebatterying" my hp system yesterday, whaen I came upon my custom 2X Speed CV plugged into the Port Extender.

Anyone remember this neat device? It fit below the 41 Via Velcro, and added 6 aditional ports to the 41. Made by AMe Design an affiliate of EduCalc in Marina Del Rey, CA.

FYI, mine has the Financial I Module, the Extended IO Module, The Home Managemment Pac, The Thermal Pac, The Il Development pac, an an Xmem in it. I have the Card reader plugged into the main unit & the wand attachment as well.

What a collectable.

John Kercheval.


There is one on e-bay now.


Wow1 You are correct and as I write this the bidding is at $41.00 !

there's an omen!

John Kercheval



This went for a whopping 152.50.


John Kercheval


I have 2 of these. One is for my 41C fully loaded. IL, Ext IO, Ext Func. and 2 X/memorys and a wand. Card reader, Quad and Time in calc.

The other I use with my 41CX it has IL, Ext IO, PPC Rom and and Games module. 2 ext mems and card reader in calc.

BTW there are 7 ports on these. There is one on the top that mirrors port 3 of the calc.

This is a must have if you have a 41C.



Why bother with a port extender when you can have the ability to download ROM images to a PIC. In this way you can use images from ROMs that you do not have since they are bundled with many HP-41 emulators. Check the pictures of a the PIC board placed in the case of an HP 82143A printer.

The PIC board and software were developed by ji (search for MLDL in the museum archives).



That looks AND sounds like a great thing but.... were do I get something like that and how do I program it?

I have a 82143 that I hardly use that I could hack but could you direct me to more info about making one or getting one?

The site you posted a link to doesn't say anything about that aspect of this unique device.



> The site you posted a link to doesn't say anything about that aspect of this unique device.

sorry I forgot to add the link - I've updated the page, and I am including the link here.


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