HP-85 cover all yellow


Hi folks

My HP-85 has a very yellow cover.

Can I do anything to brighten it up a little (not by painting, thank you)

I'm shure that I have read about this earlier here...






Thank you for this link. I had no idea this could be done.



Very interesting. Thank you for the link.



Great... now I have to take all my Woodstocks apart and re-do the cases if I want them perfect. Anyone know, if I soak a keyboard, will it remove any of the paint finish? Some of mine have slightly yellowed keys.


Thank you for the answer. I had no idea of that solution. Googled it and found this. Found out that the danish name for Hydrogen peroxide is 'Brintoverilte' and are used to teeth bleaching. I will buy some and make some experiments. Not on my teeth but on the battery lid of one of my HP-21's.

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