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Hope could be of help for someone, item 190385177515, (I'm not related in ANY way to seller) are advertised as Pulsar, but to me these are identical to the Garland stylus that came with the HP-01, available in both gold and steel, price seems good to me, if compared to average prices for this item.

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-Pulsar engraved on all Pulsar (Garland styluses).
-HP are not engraved.
-Pointer of a Pulsar Stylus differs from the HP-01 in that
it is spring loaded and has a black soft tip.

You can always find a Garland Twin-o-matic at a tiny fraction of the cost in gold or silver. Then convert the correct end to a pointer by

-removing the ink cartridge
-removing the nib of the ball point ink cartridge
-cleaning the tube of the ink cartridge
-inserting a plastic rod into ink cartridge
-reinstalling the cartridge into the pen

I actually picked up 9 silver Garlands new old stock in their boxes for $20, no one bid on them! These are identical to the HP-01 stylus as they are not engraved. I have still have to convert them to the HP-01 stylus as described above.

Still it is a cheaper option then waiting for the HP-01 stylus to show up.

Cheers, Geoff

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oh boy ... I was so happy I had purchased a couple ... Any way I can dremel off the Pulsar engraving ? Take care, Alberto

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