Looking for details on 82033A battery pack


Looked for specific data on HP-41 Printer and HP-97 Calculator battery 82033A. Must be here somewhere, but I haven't found it. Help? Would like to know how to test dead batteries without a full charge, if possible. Thanks


Like these?



I don't know if it's possible check a battery pack without a preliminary complete charge in a reserve power pack, printer or calculator that is good. Maybe it's no possible.
Afer a good charge for at least 8 hours or more, if the akku have a capacitance >= of the originals, you must remove the battery pack and connect a 5 ohm, 10%, 10W resistor across the battery contacts. After 45-60 minutes, remove the resostor and measure the DC voltage between the battery contacts. If the voltage is less than 4 Vdc, the battery pack is bad. If the voltage is at least 4 Vdc or more, the battery pack is good.
Before to check the battery pack, is a good thing verify if the charger is functioning properly. You cam perform this procedure: measure the power outlet voltage (Vin) using an ac voltmeter. Plug the recharger into the outlet and measure the recharger ac output voltage (Vout) under no-load conditions using an ac voltmeter. Vout should be between 9.9 and 13.3 Vac at power voltage of 110 or 220 Vac. Vout should equal (Vin/110)x11.6 Vac +/- 1.7 V or (Vin/220)x11.6 Vac +/- 1.7 V. Vin is the AC voltage of the power outlet). If Vout is outside the allowable range, the recharger is bad. If Vout is inside the range, connect a 12-Ohm, 5%, 5W resistor across the recharger output contacts and measure the ac voltage across the load: if the voltage is between 5.3 and 7.3 Vac the recharger is good, otherwise it should be discarded.

Hope this my contribute could help you.

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