Grey Carrying Case, Classic Calcs


Anyone seem a source for these other than trolling on eBay?


I don't know how often, if ever, they come up on eBay, but it's easy to set up a search that automatically sends you an email when one appears.

I'm now kicking myself for throwing mine out a few years back. I use my 45 so much I never used the hard case.



Some big junque stores and seasonal rummage sales have a shelf or box of those plastic cases that cordless tools etc. come in. I was looking at used tools once and found an empty classic series plastic case for 50 cents. It's a great home for the 67 that John Lopez gave me after he retired. Because of the low probability of finding one; it's not worth a special trip but if you're there anyway...


The one for my '35 has some ominous cracks in it.



My Thread about this topic got no answers, so I'll carefully watch this space :-).



I imagine the solution would involve bonding a thin sheet to the inside of the hinge, but have little thought beyond that.


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