Hawkeye Bendix: Remember this one ? (2/?) [Long + pictures, Sorry]


Hi all,

Back in July, I posted a couple of pictures of a Bendix-modified Hp-67:

Serial: 2004S02232

The first posting.

I purchased this calculator to get parts for a Hp-67 I'm restoring for a friend. I have his calculator since Eons and feel guilty not to be able to repair it faster :-(

Anyway, I opened it and thought I would share a few pictures.

I've tried to identify the pins and signals as requested by Katie but have been unsuccessful until now (I need time to delve in Tony Duell's schematics and in the mixed color wires from the connector.

Let's open it:

Card reader is pretty much the standard device:

From the MicroK connector, the yellow, blue, red and black wires are connected to the card reader through small white sockets. I cannot figure out where the brown lead goes.

The whole assembly is VERY tight and wires are short, therefore flipping over the card reader assembly does not seem a good solution. I maintained it slightly lifted with clamps.

The logic board is 00067-60003 with components from Korea and Malaysia.

For comparison purpose, this is a picture of another board with components from Malaysia:

Going to the keyboard sub-assembly and much to my surprise, the board is black and not translucent as is the one of all the other Hawkeye I have opened.

Some minor corrosion spots here --> cleaned up.

Maybe somebody has already encountered such a board.

The card reader has the standard "Goo all over the place" syndrom: cleaned up, restored and refit.

And yes I can hear the crowd :-) --> I prefer O-rings over tubing.

Restoring the card reader shows a black wheel axis. Beside I've put the white axis from another 67. However, I think black wheel axes are very common.

The funny thing is the small plastic 'pin' protuding from the axis, it is definitely not a manufacturing defect and seems to be there on purpose.

I hope it is visible on the pic:

Let's end this first sequence by a view of the display part:

When I have time to go back to the machine, I will focus on:

- trying to identify the signals as proposed by Katie,

- try to understand the behaviour of the LBLs calls.

I apologize for the long post and the somewhat blurred pictures but I took them in a quick sequence while cleaning/repairing.

As soon as I have more time, I'll post more info.

Spring has come.

Cheers to all from France!


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ciao Etienne,
then, in theory, any HP67 could be turned into a Bendix modified machine, or is there any IC modification ?
take care Alberto


Ciao Alberto,

I have swapped the logic board with two others and the machine has the same behaviour.

I have not seen this logic board on my other 67s.

However, I still have to check if other components are different from mainstream 67s, for example the card reader.




If the wiring connects to the card reader, it seems likely that this is an interface to load programs and/or data from an external device.


That's a good guess. If one could get it apart a bit more, one could continuity test with a multimeter to see if the added leads are connected to anything in common with the magnetic head or its associated circuitry.

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