worth it or not worth it ?


ciao a tutti,
being a rainy day and having received few days ago an HP97 box in used conditions

I have tried to restore it, and I'll will appreciate your comments or suggestions

at first I have removed all the old tape, and protected the items that I did want to preserve from painting

then I have tried both with spray and with a roller brush to paint to the closest color I have found

well ... what do you think ? Has anyone ever tried to restore cardbox ?

take care all of you and have a nice weekend, Alberto


You got the disease bad, Albetro :-)


I know, I know, btw, I haven't written it, but of course I haven't finished yet, the lettering will also be restored, I'll post more pics when it will be done ...


LOL! No kidding! ;-)

THAT'S a true LOYAL HP fan!


Nice job on the box. I'll vote for Worth It.

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