Running executable on HP 95LX


Dear all,
In a nostalgic mood I dusted off my old HP 95LX with the intention to try to do some programming for it.
I looked around in this forum and found a lot of interesting information. Thank you for that!
In a thread from sept. 2007 "HP-95LX Programming" I read that it would be possible to create an executable with TurboPascal 5.5 that would run on the 95LX.
So I installed TP 5.5 and wrote a very simple "hello world" program with TurboPascal and copied the compiled exe file to the 95LX.
However when I run it, the screen goes blank and the device gets completely blocked.
Reading through the information on this forum and linked sites, I guess that it might have to do with the setting of the screen size. However I could not find how to do that properly for the 40x16 screen.
I would very much appriciate if anyone could help me out here. Could it indeed be the screen size setting and if so what should I do, or is it anything else?


A couple of quick things to check for:

Under Options/Compiler, make sure Numeric Processing is set to Emulation and not 8087/80287.

Also, make sure the box for 286 instructions is NOT checked.



Thank you for your reaction. The menu options are a bit different, but I got the drift. Unfortunately there is no difference. Any other suggestions?


Does you program run on a DOS-PC?

What does it do? How do you access screen and keyboard?


I found the solution.
What I did is I copied the compiled file to the SRAM card on a PC with a PCMCIA slot, put it in the 95LX and tried to run it then. However apparently the file gets corupted in this proces. I now use the CPACK connection and all works fine.

Thank you all for your support.

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